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Month: August 2017

Summer Writing Update

Summer Writing Update

Here’s what’s been going in my neck of the woods lately:

  • A Study of Fiber and Demons released! You can go here to find links to your vendor of choice. If you’ve already read it, it’d be swell if you could leave a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads.
  • Queer Summer Reading had me for an interview! You can read that here.
  • I’m still working on edits for Moonshine. It was tricky getting started on it, but now I’m having a good time rewriting some of my scenes that need a little work. I should be done with that soon, and then I can take an actual breather from these back-to-back edits for the first time since February. (You can see why I’m so excited to have my novella out? It means I’m all done editing that book, at least.)
  • Not writing-related: I’ve been working a bit on cosplay. I had to finish the sewing project I was working on (a skirt to replace the one I ruined because I got it covered in grease stains, whoops), but now I’m working on Taako from The Adventure Zone and a pajama-themed revival of my Terra Branford cosplay. I’m also planning on making Edward from The Adventure Zone but I haven’t…. exactly…… gottenstartedonityet… Well, summer’s not quite done yet, so now that I’ve got the ball rolling, hopefully I’ll get all these costumes done before school starts back up.
  • Also not writing-related: I’ve started learning Welsh on Duolingo! I’m very bad at it because I can’t roll my R’s!

As for what’s next, I’m still expecting to soon hear details on Moonshine’s Official Cover Reveal™, so stay tuned for that. Once I’m done with my Moonshine edits, I hope to also get back into drafting the sequel and perchance planning out a fun promotional thing I have in mind for Moonshine’s release. I’ll be updating here on all of that as things come along.

And, of course, I’ll be officially starting grad school in the fall, so that will be a fun challenge to balance against all of this writing stuff. But for now, it’s still summer, so I’m going to focus on these edits and watch the eclipse on Monday.




Dear Congressperson,

Dear Congressperson,

Here is the template letter I emailed to my senators and representative last night. Consider this public domain, so feel free to copy/paste and quote relevant passages when reaching out to your own Congresspeople. If you don’t know who your Congresspeople are, you can find them at #ImpeachTrump

Dear [Congressperson],

I am writing again to ask you to begin firmly and unambiguously calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump’s response to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville have been vile, racist, and the very antithesis to the values that the United States of America should stand for. The white supremacists/Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville murdered a woman and assaulted many others. Their entire march was an incitement for violence (and an actualization of violence) against people of color and Jewish, disabled, and queer people and their allies, and as such is not defended by the First Amendment. There is no “both sides” to this issue, and every thinking and compassionate American knows it.

I work and go to school in Portland and regularly ride the Max line on which a white supremacist murdered two people defending young black and Muslim girls. That white supremacist also believed that it was his “First Amendment right” to assault and murder people of color and their neighbors who would stand against such violence. Trump’s cowardly, waffling defense of the white supremacists in Charlottesville will only embolden similarly vile people across our nation to continue perpetuating these assaults and murders.

Trump is not fit to lead our country and needs to be removed from the White House immediately. He now has America on the brink of both nuclear and civil war. More Americans like Heather Heyer will continue to die the longer Trump continues to occupy the Oval Office. The [Senate/House] must take a strong stance against white supremacy, including acting upon declarations that it has no place in our country by working to remove white supremacists and their spineless sympathizers from the White House, Trump included.

Please, you must begin acting to remove him from office. Many private-sector advisors on his councils are cutting ties with him in light of his heinous words and actions – now is the time for Congress to carry that momentum. I hope that Oregon’s leaders will have the courage and strength to take such action.

Thank you once more for all of your hard work in defending the interests and rights of Oregonians and Americans.


Jasmine Gower

Happy Book Day, A Study of Fiber and Demons!

Happy Book Day, A Study of Fiber and Demons!

Happy bookday!A Study of Fiber and Demons is officially released today! If you didn’t get the chance to preorder the ebook (or you want to snap up the paperback version), check out the book’s main page for links to vendors. So far, Amazon is the only one I can find that has the paperback available for purchase at this moment, but I’ll keep updating that page as I find other links for the paperback version going up.

(And if you’re hoping for a free copy, LT3’s Goodreads giveaway is still going on until August 21st.)

One Week Until A Study of Fiber and Demons

One Week Until A Study of Fiber and Demons

In one week from now, A Study of Fiber and Demons will be released. You can still preorder the ebook until 7:00 PM EST on August 8, so if you’re hoping to get that sweet, sweet preorder discount, be sure to get on that soon. Less Than Three Press is still running their Goodreads giveaway, as well, and you have until August 21st at 12:00 PM EST to enter that for a chance to win an ebook copy for free.

I gotta say, I’m very excited for this one. I’ve talked before how For All the Gold in the Vault was a very sort of experimental story for me, and while I had a ton of fun with that novella, A Study of Fiber and Demons is much more within the bounds of my typical type of story and, even more so, my typical kind of characters (which is to say, rude jackasses.) And while FGV had a similar enemies-to-lovers vibe, it was great fun playing around with more, let’s say, cheesy romance tropes in A Study of Fiber and Demons. Working with a cast that actually possesses something of a sense of humor, compared to Arturo and Ezekiel, also made it a breath of fresh air and lent itself to a sort of narrative rhythm that I think turned out really well for this particular story. Plus, there are monsters in this one, which is an element I’m kind of sorry I wasn’t able to work into FGV. You all know how I am about monsters, and I’m really proud of the design and mannerisms I came up with for these demons.

Overall, I had an absolute blast writing A Study of Fiber and Demons, and that’s always especially helpful when the story itself is supposed to be funny and sexy. I’m really hopeful that my readers will have just as much fun with it.