Announcement: Moonshine is coming February 2018 from Angry Robot

Announcement: Moonshine is coming February 2018 from Angry Robot

The word is out! I can now officially talk about my BIG NEWS that I’ve been sitting on for a while now, which is that Moonshine (previously known as Moonshiners) is going to be published by Angry Robot! You can read the official announcement at the Barnes & Noble Sci-fi & Fantasy Blog.

This whole turnabout started last April, when I pitched Moonshine as a part of #DVPit, a Twitter pitch event organized by Beth Phelan of the Bent Agency (thank you, Beth!), which was meant as an opportunity for agents and editors to connect to querying marginalized authors who write about marginalized characters. I pitched Moonshine as a queer fantasy there, where the pitch was liked by Mike Underwood at Angry Robot. From there, I sent him my query and sample pages, and he requested the full manuscript a few weeks later. A couple months after that, I heard back on Angry Robot’s final decision, which was that they wanted to offer me publication for Moonshine and an option for a sequel. (Maybe you’ve heard that I recently got started working on the sequel, too? That’s why.)

This is all great news, except, uh-oh, I didn’t have an agent! I didn’t technically need one in order to contract with them, but it wouldn’t have been an ideal situation (I don’t exactly have the publishing clout or experience to negotiate contract terms on my lonesome). Luckily, Mike is an author himself and he’d been in that same position, so he had some great advice and recommendations for potential agents who had worked with Angry Robot before. Laura Zats with Red Sofa was one of those recommendations, and I queried her ASAP. She was quick to request the full manuscript, and shortly after, she made an offer of representation, which I accepted. Since then, she has been going to bat for me with contract negotiations, which were recently finalized and signed off on by myself and Angry Robot.

So, that’s where we’re at now! The release date for Moonshine is February 2018 in ebook and mass market paperback in the US and UK. I’m sure there will be a lot more news as things come along, so I’ll continue to update all of that here. Thank you again to Laura for all the work you’ve done representing Moonshine, Beth Phelan for organizing #DVPit, and Mike, Marc, Penny, and the rest of the Angry Robot team for this great opportunity and all of the support they’ve given me so far.

And I am so excited that I get to talk about it now. In fact, good luck getting me to shut up about it.

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