Dear Congressperson,

Dear Congressperson,

Here is the template letter I emailed to my senators and representative last night. Consider this public domain, so feel free to copy/paste and quote relevant passages when reaching out to your own Congresspeople. If you don’t know who your Congresspeople are, you can find them at #ImpeachTrump

Dear [Congressperson],

I am writing again to ask you to begin firmly and unambiguously calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump’s response to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville have been vile, racist, and the very antithesis to the values that the United States of America should stand for. The white supremacists/Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville murdered a woman and assaulted many others. Their entire march was an incitement for violence (and an actualization of violence) against people of color and Jewish, disabled, and queer people and their allies, and as such is not defended by the First Amendment. There is no “both sides” to this issue, and every thinking and compassionate American knows it.

I work and go to school in Portland and regularly ride the Max line on which a white supremacist murdered two people defending young black and Muslim girls. That white supremacist also believed that it was his “First Amendment right” to assault and murder people of color and their neighbors who would stand against such violence. Trump’s cowardly, waffling defense of the white supremacists in Charlottesville will only embolden similarly vile people across our nation to continue perpetuating these assaults and murders.

Trump is not fit to lead our country and needs to be removed from the White House immediately. He now has America on the brink of both nuclear and civil war. More Americans like Heather Heyer will continue to die the longer Trump continues to occupy the Oval Office. The [Senate/House] must take a strong stance against white supremacy, including acting upon declarations that it has no place in our country by working to remove white supremacists and their spineless sympathizers from the White House, Trump included.

Please, you must begin acting to remove him from office. Many private-sector advisors on his councils are cutting ties with him in light of his heinous words and actions – now is the time for Congress to carry that momentum. I hope that Oregon’s leaders will have the courage and strength to take such action.

Thank you once more for all of your hard work in defending the interests and rights of Oregonians and Americans.


Jasmine Gower

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