Fiber and Demons Giveaway, plus miscellaneous updates

Fiber and Demons Giveaway, plus miscellaneous updates


A Study of Fiber and Demons is now less than two weeks from its release date (wow!!), and Less Than Three Press is holding a giveaway for it and more of their soon-to-be-released titles over on Goodreads. If you’ve got a Goodreads account, now’s a great time to head on down there and see what kind of great books could you potentially win.

In the meantime, I’m currently working on putting together a content warning list for A Study of Fiber and Demons here on my site. LT3’s official page for the book does include a warning for the sexual content, but I wanted to add a more comprehensive list for potentially triggering content that I hadn’t considered when submitting my book form to LT3 (or left off because I didn’t want to clog up their page with a long list of super specific warnings). Naturally, the list isn’t going to be able to account for all possible triggering content, but I wanted to add warnings for some of the more obvious, common, or intense examples.

I’m hoping to get that content warning page live sometime this weekend so anyone still thinking about preordering can make an informed decision before the book’s release. I’m trying to finagle it into a practical format for expansion (in case I need to add anything or to add separate lists for my other books), and I’m playing around with the idea for a feedback form so readers can suggest things they found in the book that they feel would be useful on such a list, but these features might have to come later as I try to figure out my not-so-customizeable WordPress layout.

As for other updates, I’m in the heart of editing country for Moonshine right now. I’ve also seen the final draft for its cover and WOW! I can’t spoil anything until after the official cover reveal, but damn it is stunning. But since I can’t show you that yet, please enjoy this picture of my roommate’s cat instead.



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