Free Stories

Free Stories

Available here are free short stories by Jasmine Gower.  Information on each story is listed below, and the texts themselves can be found on each story’s individual page.


“Tasks of the Bear-Witch” (high fantasy, Hellslayer universe, ~6,450 words)

In the frozen north of the Common World, magic is considered both to be silly superstition and a hidden but legitimate threat.  Young Verochka grew up hearing both sides of the argument over the plausibility of magic, but she believes she knows the truth about the legends of witches lurking in the woods.  Determined to learn the secrets of witchery for herself, Verochka seeks the wisdom of a hermit with a mysterious penchant for bears, who then sets her off on a quest to tap into her own innate mystic power.

“Norah’s Skin” (high fantasy, Hellslayer universe, ~9,100)

With the elephant breeding business in decline, the old farmer Jupita prepares herself to sell her farm and retire.  However, when her nephew arranges to sell their last elephant, Norah, to traders after her hide, Jupita begins to devise a plan to save her pachyderm friend.  Due to Jupita’s age and because she can’t be caught risking her family’s financial opportunities, she employs the unwitting assistance of two teenage thieves that had been making a habit of stealing from her farm, hoping that the young rogues can steal a prize as big as an elephant.