US Book Birthday for Moonshine!

US Book Birthday for Moonshine!

Today’s Moonshine’s US release day! I said I’d have some more words for the second release day, and here they are:

A huge thank you as always to the Angry Robot crew, and various thanks as well to: my agent Laura Zats, Dawn Frederick, Paul Simpson, Dan Holloway, John Coulthart, Idris Grey, Beth Phelan, AC Wise, JS Fields, Abbey Gaterud, Kathi Berens, my fellow Oolies, Stacie, Audry, Eli, Flynn, and my family. I’m sure I’m glossing over some folks who deserve thanks but the book has acknowledgements already, so you’ll have to buy it if you want the full list, I guess.

Oh, and thank you again to Bruce Cordell for helping my author copies get to my house!

I started working on Moonshine as a rough concept waaaay back in high school, and picked it back up when I (like Daisy) was shortly out of college and trying to get my feet under me so I could survive the whole capitalism thing. It went through many rounds of editing and a very slow submission process (during which I did more editing!) before I ever even connected with Angry Robot through #DVPit. The publishing process is never a short one, and I definitely took my sweet time with this one, so needless to say it’s very satisfying to have it in actual, for-reals book form and out in the world. The support and reactions I’ve gotten so far have been wonderful, and it really is a dream come true to have my debut novel sitting on my own bookshelf.

And don’t think I’m getting through this without more link round-ups:

Anyway, now that you can buy Moonshine, the time has come to turn all those pre-order links into regular purchase links:

Ebook: Angry Robot | Amazon | Kobo | B&N
Paperback: Powell’s | Amazon | B&N

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