New Novella Announcement

New Novella Announcement

(Reposted with slight edits from my Tumblr account.)

I’m pleased to announce that I just signed the contract with Less Than Three Press to publish A Study of Fiber and Demons (formerly titled Demon’s Mantle). Those of you following my chronicling of this novella on my Tumblr might remember I mentioned I wrote it to submit to their My Dearest Enemy collection call. Although it didn’t end up fitting their needs for the collection, they’ve accepted it for publication as a general release.

Here’s the blurb:

When Alim is exposed by his rival Liam for academic corruption, his career in the Pinnacle University of Scholarly Magic is brought to shambles, and only a breakthrough in the study of the highly-profitable essence known as demonweave will be enough to regain his standing. Alim’s efforts to rebuild himself as a researcher of note are disrupted, however, as the University designs its own plans for demonweave research. Tired of Alim’s embarrassing floundering as a scholar, the University assigns him to uncover a means to replicate the production of demonweave, along with a team of experts on demon magic: his nemesis, Liam; his primary competitor in the field of demon research, Sylvestra; and the handsome and tender-hearted professor, Jack. Knowing Liam has also soiled Sylvestra’s career by stealing her research years ago, Alim must navigate the tense three-way hostility between them while still catching Jack’s eye and trying to re-establish himself as a respectable academic. Liam and Sylvestra each are ruthless scholars trying to keep afloat their reputations as ambitious scientists, and their project to dig up the secrets of the demons in a forgotten ruin provides ample opportunity outside of university walls for treachery.

As if present company weren’t bad enough, Alim is well-aware that the University intends to sell demonweave to mages for a hefty profit, and they will expect their researchers to do whatever it takes to discover a way to control the production of demonweave, even at the risk of the demons who create it. And there is no telling what lengths the demons might go to in order to protect themselves from the interests of the University and its politicking agents.

If it’s not apparent from the blurb, A Study of Fiber and Demons is a high fantasy romance, and it features a polyamorous relationship between bisexual and asexual characters.

It will be a while before I have any news on the publication date or cover art, but of course I’ll post updates here and on my website. I can confirm, though, that A Study of Fiber and Demons has been contracted to publish in both ebook and print format.

I’m stoked for this publication. I’m so excited to be working with LT3 again–they did a great job with For All the Gold in the Vault and all the LT3 staff and other authors are such sweet and passionate people. This has been a great project so far for me, too. Unlike FGV, which was a lot more experimental, ASoFaD (which is a terrible initialism; I’ll have to think of something else for that…) is a lot more my typical writing style, both tonally and genre-wise. Being back in my comfort zone for writing was a great chance to just let loose and have fun with it. Which isn’t to say that this project has been easy so far, either–it’s more than twice the length of FGV, and just the sheer volume alone has been a lot to contend with. Although it’s still under standard novel length, it’s only barely. But I’m very proud of how it’s turned out, and I’m glad it found a home at LT3.

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