New Year’s Writing Update

New Year’s Writing Update

Damn, okay, so I didn’t finish my Moonshiners revisions by the end of 2016, but I’m so close now, you guys, I’m so close. I only have 3 comments left in my markup to address, so hopefully I can finish that by today or tomorrow (at least 2 of the comments are potentially pretty big things to address, which is why it might still take me a couple of hours to get through them.) Regardless, once I’m actually done with the revisions, I’ll revert my creative focus to Hellslayer while Moonshiners gets back to work trying to find a happy home.

I have been able to chip away quite a bit on Hellslayer over the winter break, though. I had ten full days free of either my day job or school, and while some of those days were spent doing family stuff for the holidays, I have been able to find time to do some good ol’ drafting. As I said, once my Moonshiners revisions are done, this will be the focus of my creative attention, BUT: A) once I get my edits for A Study of Fiber and Demons back, that takes top priority; B) I’m not sure what my class/work schedule for next term will provide me in terms of free time to write; C) I don’t know what “the mystery thing that I can’t talk about until I hear back on it” will mean for me depending on what, exactly, I hear back about it. So, the amount of time I’ll have to dedicate to Hellslayer and Hellslayer alone is one big, giant question mark. I’ve still got a couple more chapters left in TNW, but with everything else going on and Hellslayer having the most scheduling flexibility out of everything I’m doing, it’s hard to say what a timeline for this will actually look like.

Other than that, I don’t have much going on in terms of writing projects. With the shadow of edits looming overheard for A Study of Fiber and Demons, I’m trying not to take on new projects for fear of having to put them on hiatus pretty much immediately when the edits come back. I still don’t know exactly when those will come in, but based off my experience with For All the Gold in the Vault, I expect it will take 3-6 months from when I sent it in, which was in late September, so that now puts me in that range of expecting it to show up any day. It might actually be a while before I work on any new projects, because between A Study of Fiber and Demons and hopefully making headway with getting Moonshiners to publication, that’s a lot of writing commitment, and even Hellslayer is going to have its work cut out for it trying to get my attention. Most likely, my writing updates will pertain only to A Study of Fiber and Demons, Moonshiners, and Hellslayer for a good long while.

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