One Week Until A Study of Fiber and Demons

One Week Until A Study of Fiber and Demons

In one week from now, A Study of Fiber and Demons will be released. You can still preorder the ebook until 7:00 PM EST on August 8, so if you’re hoping to get that sweet, sweet preorder discount, be sure to get on that soon. Less Than Three Press is still running their Goodreads giveaway, as well, and you have until August 21st at 12:00 PM EST to enter that for a chance to win an ebook copy for free.

I gotta say, I’m very excited for this one. I’ve talked before how For All the Gold in the Vault was a very sort of experimental story for me, and while I had a ton of fun with that novella, A Study of Fiber and Demons is much more within the bounds of my typical type of story and, even more so, my typical kind of characters (which is to say, rude jackasses.) And while FGV had a similar enemies-to-lovers vibe, it was great fun playing around with more, let’s say, cheesy romance tropes in A Study of Fiber and Demons. Working with a cast that actually possesses something of a sense of humor, compared to Arturo and Ezekiel, also made it a breath of fresh air and lent itself to a sort of narrative rhythm that I think turned out really well for this particular story. Plus, there are monsters in this one, which is an element I’m kind of sorry I wasn’t able to work into FGV. You all know how I am about monsters, and I’m really proud of the design and mannerisms I came up with for these demons.

Overall, I had an absolute blast writing A Study of Fiber and Demons, and that’s always especially helpful when the story itself is supposed to be funny and sexy. I’m really hopeful that my readers will have just as much fun with it.

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