Summer Writing Update

Summer Writing Update

Here’s what’s been going in my neck of the woods lately:

  • A Study of Fiber and Demons released! You can go here to find links to your vendor of choice. If you’ve already read it, it’d be swell if you could leave a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads.
  • Queer Summer Reading had me for an interview! You can read that here.
  • I’m still working on edits for Moonshine. It was tricky getting started on it, but now I’m having a good time rewriting some of my scenes that need a little work. I should be done with that soon, and then I can take an actual breather from these back-to-back edits for the first time since February. (You can see why I’m so excited to have my novella out? It means I’m all done editing that book, at least.)
  • Not writing-related: I’ve been working a bit on cosplay. I had to finish the sewing project I was working on (a skirt to replace the one I ruined because I got it covered in grease stains, whoops), but now I’m working on Taako from The Adventure Zone and a pajama-themed revival of my Terra Branford cosplay. I’m also planning on making Edward from The Adventure Zone but I haven’t…. exactly…… gottenstartedonityet… Well, summer’s not quite done yet, so now that I’ve got the ball rolling, hopefully I’ll get all these costumes done before school starts back up.
  • Also not writing-related: I’ve started learning Welsh on Duolingo! I’m very bad at it because I can’t roll my R’s!

As for what’s next, I’m still expecting to soon hear details on Moonshine’s Official Cover Reveal™, so stay tuned for that. Once I’m done with my Moonshine edits, I hope to also get back into drafting the sequel and perchance planning out a fun promotional thing I have in mind for Moonshine’s release. I’ll be updating here on all of that as things come along.

And, of course, I’ll be officially starting grad school in the fall, so that will be a fun challenge to balance against all of this writing stuff. But for now, it’s still summer, so I’m going to focus on these edits and watch the eclipse on Monday.




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