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A Link to the Future (when my book comes out)

A Link to the Future (when my book comes out)

Hope you all like links, because I’ve just updated Moonshine’s page to include a bunch of pre-order links, including the option to pre-order the ebook directly from Angry Robot. If you’re more of a paper and ink kind of reader, I would personally recommend pre-ordering from my local bookstore, Powell’s. Can’t be assed to go to Moonshine’s page to see all the options? Don’t worry, I’ve pasted them here, too:

Ebook [PRE-ORDER]: Angry Robot | Amazon | Kobo | B&N
Paperback [PRE-ORDER]: Powell’s | Amazon | B&N

In other news (well, more of a reminder), I have a book signing at University Bookstore in Seattle on February 10, 2018. Until then, I’ll be working on an events page for this site so you can look up any upcoming Moonshine shenanigans without having to rely on me sporadically telling you, because that’s not an ideal system. For now, here are the important details you’ll need if you want to plan a visit to see me in Seattle in February:

Book Signing and Q&A

University Book Store
4326 University AVE NE
Seattle WA 98105

February 10, 2018 from 6:00PM to 7:00PM