A Study of Fiber and Demons

A Study of Fiber and Demons


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When Alim is exposed by his rival Liam for academic corruption, his career in the Pinnacle University of Scholarly Magic is destroyed, and only a breakthrough in the study of the highly-profitable essence known as demonweave will be enough to regain his standing.

His efforts to restore his reputation are disrupted by the University, however, when they assign him to uncover a means to replicate the production of demonweave, along with a team of experts on demon magic: his nemesis, Liam; his primary competitor in the field of demon research, Sylvestra; and the handsome and tender-hearted professor, Jack.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Alim is well-aware the University intends to sell demonweave to mages for a hefty profit, and they will expect their researchers to do whatever it takes to discover a way to control the production of demonweave, even at the risk of the demons who create it—and there’s no telling how the demons will retaliate.


More Information

Genre: fantasy, romance

Setting: Pinnacle University

ISBN: 978-1684311033

Length: 207 pages, 45K words

Queer representation: bisexual, asexual

Content warnings for A STUDY OF FIBER AND DEMONS are available here.