Content Warnings

Here you can find content and trigger warnings for some of my works. These warnings are meant as guide to help readers make informed choices in whether, how, or when to approach these stories given their own individual mental health needs. Naturally, these lists can’t account for every possible trigger that a reader may have, so the focus of these warnings is on common triggers or particularly intense content.

For anything that might be missing from these lists, I am willing to answer both public and private questions about whether any given story includes any particular type of content. The best way to reach me for such inquiries at this time is on Twitter or by email at jasminegower [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please see below for content warnings listed by book. Be cautioned that while I’ve attempted to make the content warnings as spoiler-free as possible, certain warnings will necessarily reveal or insinuate certain plot developments.


Sexual content:

  • Fade-to-black sex scene
  • Sexual humor
  • Portrayal of an employer-employee romantic relationship


  • Instances of physical assault
  • Instances of stalking
  • Instances of emotional manipulation and exploitation
  • Instances of casual misogyny and other references to misogynistic acts
  • References to war and fascist regimes
  • Instances and references to systematic racism and prejudice against fictional human cultures and non-human species


  • A scene portraying a car accident
  • Portrayals of various bodily injuries, including bleeding wounds, blunt force trauma, and injuries to hands/fingers
  • References to gender dysphoria
  • References to fat-shaming and weight control
  • References to self-medication and recreational drug/alcohol use
  • Portrayal of menstruation

A Study of Fiber and Demons

Sexual content:

  • Explicit sex scene
  • Asexual character who is sexually active
  • Sexual humor


  • Some instances of physical assault
  • Instances of emotional manipulation and exploitation
  • Use of an anti-asexual slur


  • A scene portraying a panic attack

General phobia warnings:

  • Hydrophobia
  • Claustrophobia
  • Nyctophobia